Dr. S R Aranganathan Award to Branch librarian ThandalaiPuthur and Shield to Tiruchirappalli District Central Library for highest enrollment of Library members in 2019-20 at State level.



The Shield is awarded every year to the librarians who have excelled in the libraries functioning under the Public Library Department of the Government of Tamil Nadu and to the libraries which have been working hard to grow the Public Library movement and have the highest number of members in the state.The Dr. S R Aranganathan Award 2020 for the best librarian this year was presented to Ms. A. Dhanalakshmi, ThandalaiPuthur Branch Library, Tiruchirappalli by the District Collector Mr. S. Sivarasu. District Central Librarian Mrs. C. Kannammal was presented with a shield by the District Collector Mr. S. Sivarasu for the Tiruchirappalli District Central Library which has the highest enrollment of members among the District Central Libraries at the state level.